Black History Eve

It happened around the eve of Black History Month 2019…

Call me crazy. Call me anti-feminist. Call me anti-toxic male masculinity.

But, I don’t want the future to female, nor do I want it to be male dominated.

I want the future to be Unity in Black Culture. The rebuilding of the kingdom of the Black Male and Female working hand-in-hand.

My heart longs for two parent homes in Black America and Black Pride to reign loud and clear. I need two Black fists high in the sky as a sign of power and wealth.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I need a Black man. I need that masculine energy. I like being delicate and like a flower. I love to exude me feminine essence all over a Black man.

I love when he smiles because I gently and passionately run my hands across his head, down the sides of his face, and cups his chin to look strongly into his eyes to tell him I love him.

I love feeling that strong hug and energy and pride he has when he realizes I’ve stepped aside and let him be the man he wants to be.

It does something for me to be in my kitchen to make my family a meal and cater to their needs, but still be able to be a successful working woman and pursuing my entrepreneur endeavors.

I need the future to be Black!

In the words of Momma Knowles, “It's such beauty in Black people, and it really saddens me when we're not allowed to express that pride in being Black, and that if you do, then it's considered anti-white. No! You just pro-Black. And that's okay. The two don't go together. Because you celebrate Black culture does not mean that you don't like white culture or that you putting it down. It's just taking pride in it, but what's irritating is when somebody says, you know, "They're racist!", "That's reverse racism!" or, "They have a Black History Month, but we don't have a White History Month!
Well, all we've ever been taught is white history. So, why are you mad at that? Why does that make you angry? That is to suppress me and to make me not be proud.” Solange’s “A Seat At The Table” Album, Track “What Tina Taught Me”.

I need the future to be Black.

Not the stereotypical Black that they continue to show in the news, or even the Black that some of the lost souls continue to relish in.

But the Black that formed Black Wall Street, or the Black that pushed the Civil Rights Movement – rather you were a Malcolm or a Martin.

I don’t apologize for having a bias and a love for Black people. While I love all people, my heart is first attracted to Black Culture.

I need the future to be Black because I want my son to be able to identify with himself. I need my son to be proud of his heritage and have an understanding of what he needs to teach his children.

Because to be honest, when he watches the YouTube Kids app all he sees is white faces and wonders why there is no one that looks like him with their own channels.

I need the future to be Black!

How can we help each other make the future Black?

I need the future to be full of long box braids, afros, curly, kinky hair – textures 3 through 4, a through z, shea butter, cornrows, dark and light skin, Black swag and dominance. Strong broad shoulders and walks that resembles a lion's stroll. Sassy swaying hips that hypnotize.

I need the future to be engrossed with the smell of soul food redefined to be healthier. Round bottoms, wide hips, thick lips and big noses.

I need the future to full of more Black doctors, scientist, creatives, and billionaires and all of the other such – we’ve already proven that we can run, handle balls, flip drugs and hair, and be ratchet reality stars. But our essence is much more than that.

I could go on and on.

But I desperately need the future to be Black.

Thanks for listening!!!

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