Can I Have It All?

It happened somewhere around being exhausted...

About two weeks ago I found myself mentally exhausted. I looked up at my life and saw that I wanted everything in life all at once. I did an IG story and initially proclaimed that it was impossible for me to have everything all at once. I told myself that I had to eliminate some things and take life little by little.

I had the initial concept of that in order for me to have everything all at once, everything had to work together in harmony. I told myself that everything had to be going smoothly in order for me to handle everything that I wanted.

But I’m changing my mind on that concept. Reason being is you hear about a lot of people who put certain aspects of their life on hold to give 100% of their time to a particular area in their life. Is that fair? Why do women have to choose between career and motherhood? We do men have to choose between career and relationship goals. I do understand that if not managed properly one can be a distraction, but how do we find the balance?

Right now I’m a budding entrepreneur, a full-time mother, active in my church, will be reentering the workforce, and have an active dating life. If you ask some people, I should eliminate maybe one or two of these to gain better balance in my life. But I question why should I have to? How come I can’t fit all of these in?

I realized initially that I was so exhausted trying to manage all of these things because I was going so hard in multiple directions, which I can admit will burn anyone out. But today I heard something in my ear, the voice said, “Take it easy, love.” It didn’t say eliminate some things, it just said, “Take it easy, love.”

There is a difference between trying to force something to happen versus taking things easy and letting nature take its course.

When it comes to my son, we have a solid routine. We adjust to life as we enter into the different stages of his life. No hustle needed there.

Dating life. Off days suffice for a date night. Quick conversations during the day and late evening good night conversations a few times a week are adequate. It’s not like I’m planning a wedding anytime soon. I feel like eventually that life will manifest organically as we further engage one another.

Entrepreneurship. Today I realized what’s meant for me will be. If I get a hold of my time management and strategically plan all will bloom in the season it’s supposed to. All I’m to do is water and fertilize consistently, God will do the rest.

Work life. I’m choosing not to be career focused any longer. I used to try to climb the corporate ladder and be an entrepreneur at the same time. I realized that career is not God’s plan for my life. It’s simply a means to an end. I’m going to work, doing my job, and coming home. That’s it.

My Christian life. Simple scripture – Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

I was overexerting myself when I really didn’t have to. Slow and steady wins the race. Trying to rush to the goal line, but time is always on its own schedule and always on time. If I know nothing else I know this, God’s will doesn’t manifest until he says so and not a second earlier.

It may seem nonchalant to some, but I’ve learned to not sweat the small stuff. Learning to be unbothered has been a stress reliever in my life. I chose not to focus on what I don’t have but where I’m going. I’m human and things hurt me but I’ve learned to not allow it to penetrate my heart enough to do major damage.

I wrote on my personal FB page today, “I no longer let people rush me into things, talk me into things, or guilt me into things.” I found that I would put people so far in front of me that I would neglect myself. I realized that was unfair to me and where I was going. From now on I let the Lord show me how to function amongst people.

This is a short and simple thought for today. Nothing that deep. But we give up so much because we believe notions that we don’t have to believe. I remember being told in school I can have and be whoever I wanted to be. Why does that thought process change when we become adults?

Do you believe you can have it all? How are you managing it? Let me know on social media.

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