Circa Faith: The Audacity of Faith

It happened somewhere around my bank account...

I recently looked at my bank account and had to stop myself from being discouraged. But the crazy entrepreneur in me is saying, “keep going, it will all be worth it.” The crazy entrepreneur is saying, “you prayed for this. There has to be a bigger plan, a larger picture. Just keep going and watch God work it all out.”

In March of this year, I went into full-time entrepreneurship. Although I’ve always considered myself a full-time entrepreneur, I can’t help but acknowledge that there was a cushion given because I still had steady full-time employment. Since 2015 I had been waiting on the opportunity to be able to cut ties with the 9 to 5, and fully be available to focus on my dreams.

Now, I’ve been given the opportunity, and it’s scary as hell. Sorry, there was just no other way to express what I’m feeling. If I’m honest, I’d say that I’m self-employed, but it doesn’t pay well – at the moment.

But there is a part of me that kicks in, and I can’t help but to exercise my faith in this situation. For three years I had been wanting the opportunity to pour into my gifts and really try to make a name for myself. For years I would say, “If I wasn’t working full-time, I could do a whole lot more.” Well, it’s my time, but things aren’t going as expected. The truth of the matter is, you put out these great ideas, that you know are great ideas, all your friends and supporters say they’re great ideas – but no one is really grabbing the big idea. Most none-confident entrepreneurs usually give up and move on to the next thing when no one bites - *raises my hand* I’ve been that entrepreneur in the past. However, I realized that the key to entrepreneurship is faith and consistency. You can’t post once on social media or send out one text and expect that to be your entire marketing strategy. There is a reason you see the same commercials during your television programs over and over. Even if the commercial is corny, I bet you remember it after seeing it for the twelfth time.

It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are. When you have faith in something, and you wholeheartedly trust and believe something will work out, you go and go until it comes to pass. The audacity of faith is the boldness to take a risk on an unknown. I had been praying for time off to focus on my dreams. God has made that possible, and I have to trust that he’s going to bring the vision into fruition. Even when my bank account is slim, I’m looking at overdue bills, and I revisit my debt and wonder where the thousands of dollars I need are going to come from. But my audacity of faith keeps me pushing toward the end goal. Me being uncomfortable, as a mother with a child depending upon me to be a provider keeps me pushing. I keep pushing because I can see into the future and I see who I’m destined to be, and I’m walking toward her.

No matter how crazy people think I am, I believe in my dreams and I know I’m born to be an entrepreneur. The crazy entrepreneur sometimes have very difficult decisions to make. Like should I pay the credit card bill on time or even the light bill, or should I invest in this program or equipment that is going to help elevate my brand and allow me to provide a better experience for my client? The rationale is that of, if I’m providing a better experience then it will lead to more clients/customers, which leads to more money and I will be able to fix the financial woes. Entrepreneurs are always looking at the bigger picture, even when most feel that they’re acting irresponsible.

But the faith kicks in and says that faith without works is dead (James 2:20). Faith says I know you don’t have the money to do XYZ but put that idea out there anyway. Faith says, I know your days away from your lights being cut off, but don’t get discouraged keep working, don’t get depressed, keep pushing that product. Faith says I know no one liked your post when you introduced that new item, but trust me people are watching and keep posting until one turns into one thousand.

One day, after all the days, weeks, months, years of hard work, it’s going to look like you’ve become an overnight success. You are going to blow up! *in my Martin Lawrence voice* Allow your audacity of faith to kick in. Don’t be afraid to look like that crazy entrepreneur. You’ll look crazy for the moment, but when you are this successful business person, you’ll be happy that you stuck it out.


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