Circa Faith: Understanding My Entrepreneurial Journey

It happened somewhere around repeat clients...

Ever since I decided to be an entrepreneur I’ve struggled with it, but not in the way you think I’ve struggled - but more so in the manner of believing in myself. Like seriously, are people going to really pay me for my gifts? This is what I would think to myself on many occasions when I had to promote myself and my businesses.

For those who don’t know, I’m a writer, self-publishing consultant/editor, and graphic designer. I think I’m pretty good at what I do, and my returning clients that I’ve had over the last few years and their referrals seem to think so as well. But why has it taken me so long to finally realize it for myself?

I’ll tell you why? It’s because I doubted that my business could actually grow into something prosperous. This doubt is the byproduct of lack of faith and the knowledge that people are just plain fickle. But what I’ve learned is that I have to find my audience and cater to those people. I tell my clients, especially newbies, that you must find your audience. Your family and friends are not obligated to support you all the time because they may not be your audience. Yes, they will do you the favor of spreading the word about your business when you first launch, but then after that you have to do the remaining work.

One thing about me is I love to write - I have stories for days. But to guard my feelings of rejection I’ve told myself and the world, I just write for the one person who wants to read what I have to say. Bull-crap! Seriously!! If I spend a year writing a 60,000 word manuscript, you better believe I want more than one person to read that thang… heck I want Oprah to put that mug on her Oprah’s Favorite Things list.

But I recently found myself working with three repeat clients and the light bulb came on that I could actually be successful with what I’m doing. If I make the commitment to be consistent, I know God will further the gifts that he put in me.

I know the New Year is approaching and everyone is on the new year, new me, this will be my year kick – but let’s believe it. Passionately believe that 2018 will be your year. Let the light bulb come on for you concerning your gifts. There is room at the table for all of us. Find your audience and get your product, idea, or gift into their hands. There are always people out there looking for something new. Everyone isn’t trying to keep up with the Joneses. There are people trying to find the new Joneses so they can take the credit for discovering them and get the bragging rights of telling others they’re late…

Prepare yourself for someone to find you in 2018.

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