Circa Opinion: I'm Checking For David

It happened somewhere around Boaz...

I'm sick of hearing about Boaz…

Ever since I came onto the church side of religion all you ever hear about is Boaz this and Boaz that. Y’all, I’m sick of hearing about Boaz.

On my Christian journey I’ve heard many women of God say, “Wait on your Boaz.” LOL, I waited on my Boaz and it didn’t work out. Simply, Boaz just wasn’t my type and I wasn’t his either.

Disclaimer: I hate that I didn’t write this blog post in 2016 when I was talking to a good friend about it – another post about this same subject went viral this year and I just don’t want anyone to think I’m unoriginal in my idea. I have receipts!!


To me, Boaz is a picture of the perfect church man that the church says we’re supposed to wait on. But when we look at our churches, do you see Boaz? Many church women, and I’ve been this woman in the past, are so focused on Boaz that we take the first man wrapped up in God’s word and marry him. We don’t really examine him and find out if this is the person we should marry or if this person will give me what I need. And I know this is partially because we’ve been waiting so long just for a man who goes to church and actually wants to be saved that we snatch him up so fast before Sister So-And-So gets hold of him.

After I divorced my husband I began to think about what type of man I really like. And I’m just going to be honest, I grew up in the streets around plenty of thugs and ruff necks, so I somewhat still have an attraction to those type of men. I begin to think about men of the Bible and asked myself, if I was going to check for a man in the Bible who would it be? And it was plain as day, I’m checking for David. The Bible says he was a ruddy man of a beautiful countenance and goodly to look to (1 Sam. 16:12). David was a ruff-neck with some street cred. But what I love about him is that he was a chosen, anointed man of God, a man after God’s own heart. So although he had some character flaws and was a little rough around the edges, the most important thing about David was that he was a man of God.

So when I think of Boaz, I see this clean cut, pretty boy – which has never really been my type. Examining what I really like, I’d say give me a man delivered from the street but still has some swag, saved and sanctified with tattoos on his neck. LOL!!!

Who you checking for?

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