Circa Opinion: Securing the Bag

It happened somewhere around a bag...

Happy New Year!!!

Black folks know they will wear out a term! Geesh, all you hear now-a-days is, I’m tryna’ secure da bag…

My question is how much is in the bag? You know, just so we’re all clear about our goals for 2018.

We are always jumping onto the newest it phrase, screaming it loud from the hilltops but never have a real plan of action. Have we thoroughly explored how we’re going to secure said bag?

Have you thought out your executive summary? Is the vision fully summarized? Do you have all of your key points determined?

Have you organized your plan? Even if you’re not starting a business, maybe you’re securing the bag to purchase a home or obtain something else of value for yourself. You can have a vision and a plan all you want, but if it’s not organized you won’t be able to execute your plan successfully.

Will you be marketing your plan? If it is a business you’re trying to secure the bag for what’s the marketing plan? How will you get the word to the people about your project?

Have you looked at all the financial needs and possible profitability aspects? If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense. And it takes money to make money. You can’t forget about this important step to securing the bag.

I don’t have all the answers for you because it’s on you to do the research for securing your bag. But let’s stop screaming about securing the bag and learn what’s exactly in the bag.

I know what’s in my bag - growth for CircaPurple for 2018, building up my other companies Young Dreams Publications and POSH ANNOUNCEMENTS, and finishing up my third and fourth books. I finished my business plan in December. Want tips on creating a business plan? Click here! My bag will be secured this year – I declare that for 2018. Everything attached to me wins. That’s my motto for 2018.

So find your motto of motivation, secure the bag, and execute it.


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