Circa Soul: Come Back to Africa

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

It happened somewhere around a dream...

Come back to Africa.

OK. One evening I had a dream back in April 2017 and in the dream I was singing with some friends of mine. We were singing this soulful tune, infused with jazz elements, rich neo-soul undertones, and heavy drum-based renderings. I mean the song embraced my very being. The melody would bring a tear to your eye.

But the song was not about what you may be thinking. The song was about a woman pleading for her love to come back home. The hook was simple:

Come back to Africa.

Come back to Africa, my love

Come back to Africa.

Come back to Africa, my love

I don’t know if it’s deep to you, but it’s deep to me. So as I sat there I tried to embrace my inner poet/song writer. I begin to think if the song was real what would be the lyrics? Here’s what I came up with.

There was a time when I was your motherland/the beginning of your existence

You wrapped yourself in the culture of my love/I was your Queen, you were my King

We ruled the world and owned the land/planted seeds that were rich in royalty

But something happened to you/you were deceived, stolen away from me

It was nothing I could do or say to remind you of where you belonged

You’ve taken on another identity/I no longer recognize you

Come back to Africa.

Come back to Africa, my love

Come back to Africa.

Come back to Africa, my love

It seems like they own you now/you vaguely remember that you used to belong to someone else

The memory of my spirit still resides in your heart, your mind, your spirit

But I can tell you ignore me/you have a new way of living and a new way of being

I now feel foreign to you/you’ve allowed yourself to be brainwashed

And now I’m begging and pleading for you to come back to Africa

This isn't a full song, but this is where it ended for me. I can still hear that melody in my spirit believe it or not. I could still hear the 3-part harmony of the hook playing in my ear.

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