Circa Soul: Don't Get Mad

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

It happened somewhere around a lost relationship...

I was on social media one day and saw a picture of a person that I used to have a very close relationship with. This person was someone that I thought we would be friends forever. I haven’t spoken to this person in a genuine conversation in years. The loss of this relationship used to hurt but God gave me some revelation about lost relationships.

He simply told me: Don’t Get Mad.

After pondering on the relationship and thinking about what we shared I had to recognize that I can’t get mad at someone who gained their strength and left. Some people are only meant to be revitalized by others and then get sent on their journeys. The picture of the friend was breathtaking because they have come a long way. Not in that they looked bad before but because when I met them they were in a deep place emotionally and just knowing how far they’ve come, I know God is good!!

But I just couldn’t understand the departure for the life of me. We didn’t have a falling out, it wasn’t a disagreement, or ill blood – the relationship just dissipated. How could someone come in your life and you help them rebuild emotionally and gain their strength, and help them gain their mojo back and you just lose touch out of nowhere? But life is just like that with relationships and God had to give me a revelation about that relationship.

We are all teachers to the people around us in some aspects of our lives. And you must come to the understanding that all students have to graduate. Some teachers move along with their students, they stay with them as they graduate from one level to the next. However, you have some teachers that are only assigned to a certain level in some students’ lives – once the student graduates that’s the end of your journey with them, but know that the lesson and what you’ve taught them stays for a lifetime.

Never judge the people that leave after you’ve poured into them. There should be no love lost, especially if there was no falling out, it was just a temporary relationship and it’s perfectly and divinely OK.

Don’t get mad at them. Accept it and move on.


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