The Business Proposition

It happened somewhere around a post from a friend...

A Facebook friend and former high school classmate made a post last week that piqued my interest. It was mostly about her yearning of finding a spouse that she could build with and grow with.

**Update: The gracious friend allowed me to post her status in the blog...

Source: Facebook: Demetria Johnson

After reading her post maybe the fourth or sixth time, I said to myself as I thought about the one whom I love, “Yeah, I should just tell him we need to enter into a business agreement with each other.”

I’m laughing out loud right now. Thinking back on how crazy my thoughts can be sometimes, I realize how strange that sounds. But let me explain, I’m not looking for the business arrangement that you’re thinking about, but an agreement that we both make to push forward Black family, Black love, and Black wealth.

If you haven’t been following me long or just tuning in, you won’t know that I’m all about Black Power… take that exactly how I wrote it. Full, Black fist in the air, and everything.

Lately, I’ve been empowered by my ancestors and the richness of Black history and culture. I think I’ve always been pro-Black – in every sense of the statement – but now I’m choosing to be pro-Black with some knowledge behind it and not emotion only.

So as I looked at her statement, I say, what if me and the man I love took our dreams and worked at them ferociously to build a legacy for our families? He recently revealed to me that he has been sitting on a business idea. And I can’t lie, ever since I’ve come into the knowledge of his dream, the entrepreneur in me kicks into overdrive to see how I can help make the dream come true.

I began to research and plot on how the idea could be brought into fruition – all the while staying focused on making my own dreams come true. God didn’t bless us with creativity for no reason. We’re creators just as he is.

As a person being on an entrepreneur journey for quite some time, I understand the importance of having someone to believe in your dreams, and encourage you along the way. We think so big, but when we begin to discover all that it’s going to take, sometimes we can feel like we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. But we need someone, right there beside us, telling us that the elephant can be eaten - you just have to take one bite at a time.

So again I say, I have a business proposition for you.

Look, I’ve been married before. I can admit that my initial idea of what marriage was supposed to be like was the abundance of flowery, hippie, fairytale love that I’d always dreamt about. But marriage is more than that. It’s a coming together of two people with a common goal. My goal is to be comfortable in life and to be an influencer on others’ lives. The legacy I want to leave for my son, and groom him to follow in my footsteps, is that he seeks to enrich and empower others. I’ve recently dubbed myself as the Empowerment Cultivator. When you think of me that is what I want you to see. That is what I want to embody.

So again, about this agreement. Yeah, I want to be in love with my spouse, have a great relationship, great sex, and all the other stuff that comes with marriage. But I want to build more than just him bringing home the bacon and me frying it up in a pan.

I want us to be that family that did more. Let’s come together with the focus of a goal in mind toward family legacy and wealth. When you look at today’s society, we no longer live in a world that is conducive for the traditional stay-at-home mom. Both parents have to work. And while both parents are working our children are missing out on that parental guidance that is essential to their upbringing.

We need to come together in agreement that we are going to do more than just work jobs with no future goals in mind. The goal should not be to work ourselves into the ground just to wait on a lackluster retirement plan. And I’m not saying every couple needs to be entrepreneurs, but I know there’s something that a couple can do to add to the improvement of their community.

If you see an abandoned home on your block, you and your spouse can purchase that home, rehab as needed, and rent it out. Open up y’all financial books, look at each other’s credit, don’t judge but work on fixing it up together, so both y’all can build up wealth together.

If y’all both make decent incomes, that if combined you all are in the 6-figures and both have entrepreneurial dreams, chill for a year and don’t go on any vacations, strip your lives down to the bare minimum, save for a year. At the end of that year, split the money that was saved and use it as start-up capital for each business. And if y’all really have faith in one another, quit your jobs and go hard.

It’s so much that two can do together. The proper mindset plays a big role in such a large commitment. And I’m not saying that couples should follow my examples above. But what I am saying is look at the larger picture. Only you and your spouse know what you can handle.

When I look at myself and who I’m morphing into I know I want my marriage to be more than about love. We have major business to take care of, we don’t have time to play around.

I want to know what we are building together. What commitments are we going to make with each other to ensure our financial stability? How are we going to make sure our kids don’t have to get into a world of debt by taking out student loans if college is the route they want to take? Blacks don’t have to stay behind the financial curve.

Every year the financial world tells us our buying power is in the trillions. TRILLIONS!

To me that gives our urban colloquial, trill, a new meaning. If we start one-by-one making more positive efforts as couples to do better and live better, the Black family will be a force that can’t be contained.

Though I don’t agree with all of their ways, I can say that I applaud Jay Z and Beyoncé for their focus on being a powerful Black couple. You can say what you want about them, but they’ve entered into their business agreement and both parties seem to be keeping their ends of the bargain. On the business side of things they are who I’m modeling my future endeavors after – along with some other notable power couples.

Will there be riffs and waves along the way? Sure. No business is exempt from hard trials and tribulations. But the important factor is that you both go into it with a goal in mind.

So, how about it? Do we have a deal?