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It happened somewhere July 17, 2018...

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So I’ve been thinking…

When I thought to write this post I wasn’t 100% sure of what I was going to say. The story intrigued me but I didn’t know why. I was shocked and I knew that there was going to be a social media frenzy about them getting married. I knew that people were going to say that she was crazy and talk down about their nuptials.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m talking about Faith Evans and Stevie J. On one end, I wanted to write about them, while on the other I didn’t. I didn’t want to seem like I was jumping on the trend just for the sake of a blog post.

However, I couldn’t help but find myself intrigued by this unbelievable, yet believable love story. First let me say this, I’m #TeamJordan. I think they make a cute couple and I’ve been on this earth long enough to know that sometimes the couples you think won’t make it, do, and vice versa. So I’m not putting my mouth on this situation.

Also, call me delusional but I think it’s something charming about Stevie J. He’s a smooth talker, and I can bet when those cameras are off his rap game is even smoother than President Obama’s walk.

I’m not a dummy, but I have been a fool in love before. I know a thing or two about what some good lovin’, velvet kisses, and some attention will do. Please y’all stop acting brand new. Some of y’all done fooled with some bad boys with a bad reputation just to see what it do… then you messed around and got caught up.

As I simmered over if I should write this post or not, I analyzed their marriage in my head once more. Asking myself what Faith saw in him. Not from a critical point-of-view, but from a view of what- makes- him- so- special thought process. Some men have a thing about them that if you look deep into their souls you’ll find a good man. You just need a special looking glass – you won’t be able to see it with the naked eye. Their outer exterior puts up this thick, stupid brick wall that only a woman with pure magic can break down. I’m not saying this is Faith and Stevie’s experience, but I’m just saying.

As I pondered on these two, a couple of things came to mind. First, we only really know the Stevie J. we see on the reality shows and the media. You do know they sign contracts to portray a certain image, right? Some of these shows are edited to death. And for the right check, some people don’t care what you think of them. Secondly, this could be one large publicity stunt mixed with some real love.

So first things first, it seems like 90% of the female population who watches Love and Hip Hop seems to feel that Stevie J. is a womanizing bum. OK, so he does have some things against him. Being a dog to all three of his baby mamas (but it wasn’t just all his fault in my opinion) and falling behind on his child support.

I’m not going to say much about his unfaithful ways because I’m a firm believer that people only do what you allow them to do. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Now when it came to his finances, it’s very clear that Stevie J. didn’t manage the money well. He’s no different from any of these other celebrities who is deep in debt and mismanaged millions of dollars. But clearly he’s still a good father, otherwise I don’t believe he would be in his children’s lives. A lot of our daddies still owe our mothers back child support, but are you holding that against them? Probably not. So why are we getting on Stevie’s case about it? He’ll figure it out.

Secondly, Stevie J. and Faith go wayyyyyyyy back. It’s not a secret that they have been long-time friends. Unless two people of the opposite sex are totally not attracted to one another and/or just never see each other in a romantic way, feelings are bound to grow if you spend enough time with someone.

Faith is known to be a ride or die chic. I see her as a woman who was concerned about her man’s situation and wanted to help him out. So this is how I imagined things between them playing out in my head.

I imagine that after they got back together after breaking up they discussed taking their relationship further and decided to get married. Faith is known to go with the flow of thing, remember she married Biggie after just mere days of meeting him.

They were somewhere boo’d up and I imagine Stevie complaining about having to pay back his million dollar back child support debt. I’m sure he was trying to figure out where the money was going to come from.

Faith putting on her thinking cap maybe said, “Let’s do an album together. We’ve been in the studio making songs. Let’s sell some music and make some money.”

Stevie J. liking the idea, “That sounds good, but how would we market it? How will we ensure that we get the buzz needed to bring in the money?”

Faith and Stevie stare at each other without a clue.

Then suddenly Stevie has an epiphany and makes his notorious Stevie J. smirk and says, “Let’s get married secretly in Vegas, but leak the news to TMZ. And then put out a teaser clip of a fire song and release it 10 days after we get married. We can ride that wave right into a story line for Love and Hip Hop. Once we have everyone’s attention we’ll spring on them that we’re making an album too!”

Thus you have the making of the nuptials of #TEAMJORDAN. And honestly, I believe the album would be dope. They both are talented at creating bomb music, except for Joseline’s music…

It’s all speculation at this point. Faith is having fun with it too. In her famous nonchalant, shady-boots way she’s trolling on everyone that has an issue with it. She’s Kanye shrugging through all of the talk.

I say all that to say, if you love someone don’t care what the people say. If they make you happy, forget what the others say. Because as Teddy sang, “It’s so good loving somebody and somebody loves you back.”

#faithevans #steviej

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