The Special Announcement!!!

It happened somewhere around March of this year...

I have been working!!! Initially I thought I was working in vain, but I now see God definitely has a plan.

If you’ve been following me you’d see that I have been trying to be more consistent about my goals and dreams. Pursing them with passion and force.

If you’ve read my blog post, “I’m Not OK” you’ll remember that I told y’all that I had been out of work since March. Well since I’ve been off I’ve been getting my stuff together. Creating content and regrouping in my business endeavors. I have been restructuring some things so that I can allow myself to be more consistent and be able to do what I love most – which is WRITE AND CREATE!

Fast forward to this week. I somehow found a new job! While wishing I didn’t have to go back into the work field, I realized God pulled me back to reposition me. But it didn’t come without a fight. My son is about to be 7 and I’m having slight separation anxiety from him. Having been off for four months and then reentering back into the workforce I found myself missing being home with my son. Spending time making him a big breakfast, enjoying his company throughout the day, and going on special adventures. I feel like the evolution of the workforce has broken down the American family – parents don’t get to spend good quality time with their children any more.

If I was born back in the day I know I could be a stay-at-home mom with no problem, but I’m sure I’d do what my grandmother did. I’d have some type of hustle bringing a few extra dollars into my household while still being able to tend to my child.

However, today as I was driving to work this morning God gave me reassurance. If you’ve ever been to Chicago and rode along Lake Shore Drive, you’d know of the beauty you see as you pass all of the brilliant architecture and peaceful lake waters. Today was a particularly bright, blessed day as I could feel nothing but prosperous energy in the air.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer here in Chicago is go downtown and walk around for hours. Like, I literally mean HOURS – like maybe 3 or 4 hours. The tall buildings inspire me to soar higher. The luxury of the high end shops propel me to seek for more. The hustle and bustle of the people encourage me to keep moving. I’m in love when I’m downtown.

So again, I’ve been working. Putting together ideas and working on my two novels, ‘When Lust Has Conceived’ and ‘Rules of Engagement’ that will be debuting in October of this year.

As I was in the midst of the writing process of the two novels, a poet that had been lying dormant inside of me decided to emerge and I have been writing poems like crazy. Somehow the poet in me and the characters of these two novels began to speak to one another. The poet in me wants to tell you all about these characters and give some insight into their stories.

I don’t know if this has ever been done. I know I’ve read re-releases of books with commentary added, but I’ve never seen an author do a preview commentary book prior to releasing their books. I promise there will be no spoilers, but good thorough character insight and commentary of how I came up with the story lines. The poems are lyrical and more of a therapeutic release expressing my personal thoughts concerning my life in the last 2 years.

This commentary is entitled, ‘Purple Potpourri & Sacred Vulnerability’ and will be exclusive only on It’s available now for pre-sale and will be released August 28, 2018. Those who order in the pre-sale by August 18, 2018 will get their copy autographed and will receive it before the release date – you’ll also get a surprise gift!!! Don’t miss this conversation!

Order your copy today! Pre-sale through 8/18/18! $12.50 plus shipping!

If you’re a book lover, spread the word!!

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