A Writer's Manifesto

It happened somewhere around my first story …

When Tiff (bestfran) came to visit me (she lives in Kentucky now), she reminded me that one of my English teachers from high school encouraged me to become a writer professionally.

Her face lit up as she reminisced about me telling her about what the teacher had said. Honestly, I really didn’t remember the occasion, but I’m sure it was true. I couldn’t imagine what it was that I wrote that was so amazing that prompted this kind teacher to make such a declaration. Tiff said I had shrugged it off and had a nonchalant response to the teacher’s urging – I’m absolutely sure that was my response.

Back then, I'd imagine that I lacked the confidence to believe that someone would really care to read what I had to say. I didn’t know many writers or anyone that ever pursued that career. I wasn’t encouraged to pursue the arts, although I was divinely attracted to them. All I knew was that I loved words and I was fascinated by how some people could but them together in such eloquent arrangements that piqued my soul.

During my high school years, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with my life. I was torn between being a teen-bride and doing anything creative. My ambitions for college were all over the place. I knew that I wanted to go to college, but what to major in I was undecided because I was attracted to so many things.

I loved doing nails. I had a natural talent for combing hair. I was a movie fanatic. Music was ultimately my first love. And I wrote, wrote, and wrote.

Even now I recognize that I've been writing all of my life. As a little girl I was featured in the Black newspaper Chicago’s Citizen. One of my teachers in the 6th grade had recommended me to be featured. I had just joined the school newspaper as a reporter and during my tenure at the school, 3rd grade to 6th grade, I had always written stories. As the short little news article stated about my favorite hobby of “writing stories and fairy tales”, I can say that this is still my favorite thing to do.

If you have any type of deep connection with me, I’m sure in our time of friendship or intimate relationship I’ve written you the proverbial “four-page letter”, or in today’s world a text or email, to express myself to you. And if I haven’t that means we never had a major disagreement as friends. Or if you were a man, then that means you really didn’t penetrate my heart enough for me to share my words with you – to date only 4 men have had this honor.

When I wrote my first novel it was me exploring the very part of me that had always wanted to be expressed. Initially, my first novel was a movie script that I saw in my head. I think I convinced myself that writing a novel would be easier than attempting to make a movie. But nevertheless, let’s be absolutely clear, My Journey to Life was a movie first.

I’ll get to that…

As I journeyed on this writing path, I believe I still had that lack of confidence that I had in high school. I didn’t really push my projects because essentially I believed no one really cared. So I’d casually say that I was just writing for the one person who wanted to read it. That was my way of easing the blows in case people hated it.

As of last year, I have deemed myself as a writer – a purposeful writer. But with being that it means that I now must care about how people feel about the things that I write.

That’s terrifying to me.

I’m literally sitting on 10 books – 7 of which will be released very soon – like this month and next month soon…

Ok, here’s the point…

All of my books lead to a larger goal. A larger purpose, actually.

I’m making a film!

I am producing and directing my first short film documentary entitled, Saturday Flowers. This film will be a celebration of Black Women. Celebrating our friendship and love. A film to help the world see beyond our roots and stems (strength, toughness, resilience) and see our petals. Our beautiful blooming flowers that we produce every day!

The release of my next 7 books will fund this purpose. Every single sale that I make from The Black Girl Series, The Alpha Bid, When Lust Has Conceived, and Rules of Engagement will go into the Purple’s Film Project Fund.

Circa Purple will transform into the main hub for the campaign and I’m hoping that you will support me in this endeavor.

In the upcoming days I’ll be releasing my campaign trailer and The Black Girl Series – which is a compilation of e-books geared toward Black Girls! It is fundamentally my love letter to Black Girls and me pouring out my heart to speak to the special part of her.

I can’t wait to fully release this campaign on this Saturday, March 16, 2019!

Can you do me a favor? Can you tell me in the comments if you’ll be supporting Purple’s Film Project!

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Thanks for listening!!!

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