Creating a film is not the easiest thing in the world but clearly, I'm ambitious and a risk taker. This film idea has been a thought for about five years now. Fear and being afraid to ask for help has been my main culprit to the delay of this project, but I declare on today I am no longer afraid.


On Saturday, March 16, 2019, I will be releasing, Purple's Film Project Campaign. Which will include the first round of campaign infomercials about my phenomenal project Saturday Flowers, a short film documentary about celebrating the beauty in Black Women.  


All around the world, Black Women are known for their tough stems and unbreakable roots, but often times their flowers (beauty) is overlooked. I'm producing a film to show the world the beauty we truly possess inside and out.


Producing this film requires major funds. My goal is to produce this documentary on a $30, 000 budget. 


I will be releasing products that you can purchase that will go towards the funding of the Saturday Flowers filmIn addition to purchasing these products, you can make a separate tier donation of your choice. 


You can get a head start on donating by clicking on the donation button below! 


Meet us on Facebook for the rollout of Purple's Film Project on March 16, 2019! 


Donations can be made via IndieGoGo site or in our Circapurple Donation Store.

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